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• Bil Grontwust
ProwePro Louisiana is courteous, professional, and their customer service is top-of-the-line! We are extremely happy with our products and will continue using them for years to come. Thank you!

• John Jackson
Professionals at work. We have been in business for over 30+ years and have dealt with all kinds. We are very please do do business with PowerPro Louisiana, they are dependable, knowledgeable, and dependable.

• Darin Vealey
PowerPro Louisiana has the knowledge and expertise to help in any situation. We have been using them for over a year now and we are extremely pleased. Knowing PowerPro LA is there for us gives us peace of mind for any emergency.

Q. Can Powerpro Louisiana provide unit exchange starters if the customer provides a competitor manufacturers cores?
A. Yes. Powerpro Louisiana can support this type of exchange program. The client is required to provide manufactures name and model of units to be returned for core credit prior to a formal exchange price quote.

Q. Can Powerpro Louisiana provide an alliance type of program for very large end users?
A. Powerpro Louisiana can support large end users with an alliance program that would cover all remanufacturing of components, pick up and delivery, training seminars etc.

Q. If an end user prefers a repair and return program versus unit exchange, can Powerpro Louisiana provide this service as well?
A. Powerpro Louisiana can provide repair and return of components as an option. Normally, a review of component usage will be requested, along with inventory levels on hand, and then a repair and return program proposal will be provided.

Q. Can Powerpro Louisiana sell outside of the manufacturers designated area of distribution?
A. Powerpro Louisiana is limited to distributor areas (inquire for area limitations) and is required to inform the potential customer of their area distributor for sale of factory new starters, new parts, and factory remanufactured starters. However, Powerpro Louisiana maintains a very large inventory of our own remanufactured starters that are available for sale in all areas.

Q. Can Powerpro Louisiana provide all manufacturers lines of products?
A. Powerpro Louisiana can provide all brands of starting motors (including electric) to our end users. Our primary business is based upon Ingersoll Rand and TDI Turbostart products.

Q. Does Powerpro Louisiana work through distributions systems, dealers / resellers?
A. Powerpro Louisiana works directly with some large end users, but we are always interested in developing dealer / reseller accounts.


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